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"Hear what you feel"

Audiophile Analog Mastering from mr. Angelos Timewarp Stoumpos aka Timewarp inc. Only with a few words we can offer a Clean, Transparent, Warm & Loud sound on your tracks. We can provide: Stereo Audio Mastering for Vinyl / Digital / Apple Digital Masters (MFiT) / Stems Mastering (NI Format)  / Track Mixing and Multitrack Stems Mixing & Mastering.

Audiophile Analogue Mastering

We use special high end and mastering grade gear. Our analogue to digital and  digital to analogue chain loop is capable to bring out the best possible sound over your music. With more than 20+ years of experience, the mind and ears behind Timewarp Mastering's art is mr. Angelos Timewarp Stoumpos aka Timewarp inc. He mastered already more than 800 release to date, from Vinyl and CD's to Digital only releases. We offer competitive and affordable prices!

Stereo Mastering
Vinyl Mastering
Stems Mastering

The heart of our Analogue Chain

"Mastering, The Art of Listening"

In our treated room we use ATC loudspeakers SCM20ASL,  Genelec Sub, Dangerous Music Monitor ST. Crane Song HEDD Quantum is our main AD /DA that is fed from the analogue loop path from the following mastering gear: HUM Audio LaaL (Look Ahead Analog Limiter), Terry Audio CEQ, API 2500+ Bus Compressor, Manley Vari-Mu compressor/limiter, Manley Massive Passive mastering EQ, TK Audio BC2ME compressor/limiter, TK Audio TK-Lizer (Baxandall EQ), TK Audio S-Blender (Mini Mastering Router), SPL Masterbay-S (Mastering Router). Our alternative AD/DA is Benchmark DAC1 & Mytek 192 ADC. We use Mogami 2549 Cables with Nuetrik Gold connectors and Sommer Albedo Micro cables for main rec in and out while our equipment takes power from Furman conditioner/filter.  Our main DAW is Steinberg Cubase 12 Pro and Wavelab 11 Pro. We also use Plugin's only for mixing from: Universal Audio UAD, Fabfilter, SPL, Brainworx, Softube, TC Powercore, Ohmforce, Native Instruments, MetricHalo, Make Believe, DDMF and more!

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